A Bit About SE IT Support

SE IT Support specializes in IT Support Consultation, Outsourcing, Implementation and Maintenance for various types of industries nationwide. We are established for 12 years and are providing IT Support for more than 150 happy and satisfied clients.

Our Solutions

Networking Solutions

Generally, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data..

Rental and Refurbished PC

For budget limited, new start-up offices, or temporarily/short term usage of computers and notebooks for events..

New Desktop and Laptop PC

We provide full consultation and procurement services for your new computers according to your needs..

Hardware and Parts

We provide support and procurement services for computer hardware such as Motherboard, Hard Disk, Power Supply..

Servers Solutions

We provide consultation, procurement, implementation and maintenance for all types of Servers such as Tower..

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is the heart of an organization. It is crucial for you to protect it. Data backup is an insurance plan and backing up file..

HA and DR Solutions

High Availability is a system usually a Server that is continuously operational which can be measured relative to..

Broadband and Fibre Internet

Internet is essential for everyone. SE IT is agent for most Internet Service Providers in Malaysia and now you can subscribe..

Internet and Data Security

Internet is so important and essential for everyone now. With the benefits of online shopping, banking..

Domain and Hosting

A good domain name is everything when it comes to business on the Internet. A well-chosen domain name symbolize..

Co-Location Services

Co-location is the practice of housing your servers and devices in a professional datacentre in order to access..

Dedicated Server Hosting

Having a Dedicated server in Data Centre is to maximize the best performance for your business. Dedicated..

Printers and Photocopiers

We support most types of printer technology such as Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer, Dot-Matrix Printer, Thermal Printer..

Migration and Upgrade

System Migration involves moving a set of hardware or software from one platform to another and it usually involves..

Cabling Solutions

Network, Phone and Electrical points are usually available in every workstation table. Cabling involves the process of..

Server Rack Solutions

Cable Management refers to tidily secure network, electrical and other cables in a Server or Network Rack..

Software and Apps Support

We support various types of IT applications and software most commonly are Microsoft full range of products..

Cloud Hosting and Services

Cloud services made available to users on demand via the Internet from a Cloud Computing hosting servers as..

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization refers to the act of creating something virtual rather than actual version of something. Common computing..

Storage Solutions

Storage in this term is categorized into 3:-

- Network Attached Storage (NAS)

- Direct Attached..

Email Security Solutions

Email Security appliance or software provides real-time email protection against viruses, spyware, spams, phishing and..

VPN Solutions

Virtual Private Network or VPN extends a private network across a public network such as the Internet. This allows..

Load Balancing Solutions

Load Balancing is a method for distributing workloads across multiple computing resources such as computers..

UPS Solutions and Services

UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source typically..

Our Commitment to You

“We strive to continuously improve our knowledge, skills, experience and services to serve you better.”

Eric Wong
CEO of SE IT Support


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