SE IT Support Services

01. Consultation Services
  • We provide FREE consultation to all our customers.

  • We identify, evaluate, plan and suggest the best IT solutions to our customers to achieve a secure, stable, effective and efficient IT environment to maximize the productivity of the organizations.

02. Procurement Services
  • We recommend and obtain the best, affordable and competitive products of solutions for our customers.

  • The products should be industry standards and fully able to deliver the results and solutions as planned in the consultation stage.

03. Implementation Services
  • Setup, Install and Configure all types of IT hardware, software and networking devices.

  • User Acceptance Test and Monitoring.

04. Maintenance & Support Services
  • IT Support Services usually start with Setup, Implementation, Configuration, Integration, or Installation of a product of solution.

  • It follows by Maintenance services to support and maintain the product of solution implemented.

  • SE IT Support Maintenance Services are categorized into Three (3);


  • Maintenance or Support based on per Call/Job basis. Onsite Support usually will be dispatched on Next Business Day, some cases on Same Day or within 4-hour.


  • Maintenance or Support based on Contract basis and is usually tied to a 1 year contract between SE IT Support and the ‘Client’.

  • Onsite Support will be dispatched on Next Business Day or 4-hours respond time depending on agreement with ‘Client’.

  • Full Assessment and Documentation on ‘Client’ IT assets and environment.

  • Included Phone, Email and Remote Support for quicker support and total convenience.

  • Full Documentation of the customer IT environment with Ops Semak Tulen (License Checking).

  • Higher priority than Adhoc service.

Permanent Staff Outsourcing

  • Qualified 1st Level Support IT Staff will be placed permanently in Client premise.

  • 2nd Level Support will assist on advance problems via Phone, Email, Remote or Onsite support.

  • HR, Payroll and Training will be fully handled by SE IT Support.