Dedicated Server Hosting

Having a Dedicated server in Data Centre is to maximize the best performance for your business. Dedicated server hosting is designed and built to be robust, scalable, powerful and reliable.

You may configure your dedicated server to work various ways:-

  1. Load Balancing – Specify a certain percentage of server requests to handle or equally balance the traffic across all other servers

  2. Web and Email Hosting – Superb option when your organization has a large number of users, dedicated server gives optimal speed and power to all your users compared to normal shared web & email hosting.

  3. Database Replication – You may replicate your Master Database server in your office to Slave Dedicated Server in Data Centre. Database replication ensures business continuity and you can restore the database to an operational level within the shortest timeframe when disruptive events happened.

  4. Disaster Recovery – Data and system replication are vital for disaster recovery. Keeping both the data and system replicated off-site in Data Centre, a high availability and business continuity solutions can accommodate continuous access to systems and data to eliminate downtime.